Raymond Briggs' The Snowman

Sorry for the long break in blogging...school started for Danno and we stopped watching movies. What can I say, not enough time. We have watched a few movies since last July (you would think so in 8 months) but having all the details might be hard, so I pulled a 'classic' off our shelf.

The Snowman is a musical illustration of a children's picture book. We watched this movie often enough to wear out the VHS tape as kids. The basic gist is that there is an amazing snowfall one winter and this boy builds a snowman outside. The snowman comes to life using Christmas Eve magic (as that's the only way to explain it) and gets to see some of the sites in the boys house including his toys, dress up in the parent's clothing, and a thrilling motorcycle ride.

After a while, the Snowman has to join the rest of the snow people on their way to the North Pole to party with Santa Claus.

I obviously love this movie, so this is an unashamedly biased review. The movie starts out with an intro by (ok can't remember his name...and the case doesn't say, so its some mildly famous British dude). Then it gets to the good stuff. This is an animation in a strictly sketch style. The music by Howard Blake is awesome. (As it should be considering there is no spoken word, and only a short clip with singing.)

I have to say, I checked my copy and I don't have the British dude on it. This short was first put out as a made for TV.

The Snowman was nominated for the 1982 Academy Award for best animated short film, but lost out to Crac by Frederic Back. Its a short that has music and sound effects, instead of just a musical score that rules the video.

Its nice how you can find these things on places like Google Video. And since, I can't leave a movie review with a different clip and not include the piece that's reviewed here it is:

If you haven't seen the book, check it out. It is a GREAT picture book (as in no words), and the movie is just as great. A nice 27 minute Holiday film. And lets face it, the music is what makes this movie. Without the music you may as well read (or rather look at) the book.

Are we giving ratings? Its been too long to remember, I would give this 5 stars or popcorn's, or small children. Its fascinating and beautiful.


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