The Young In Heart

This is a story about a down on thier luck and moralless family the Carltons. The Sahib (Roland Young) has touted himself as the famous Colonel Carlton a famous stage persona in order to get the family into parties of the rich and famous to cheat at cards and in an attempt for thier gchildren to marry up and have carefree lives. At the very beginning the French Police kick them out of France for cheating at cards and scamming on the rich, so the exiled Carltons begin a long train ride in second class to England.

On the train there is a run in between daughter George-Anne Carlton (Janet Gaynor) and her former fiance Duncan McCrae (a breakout role for Richard Carlson) who turned out to not be wealthy at all. Once his poverty was discovered George-Anne broke it off. She also runs into a old lady Miss Fortune (Minnie Dupree). After an over the top tale of disaster and illness plighting her family, Miss Fortune invites George-Anne and the family to ride in her private room. The train wrecks and the Carlton family saves Miss Fortune from the wreckage. Miss Fortune invites the family to stay with her until they are back on thier feet in her huge mansion.

The idea becomes that the family will get in the old lady's good graces so they can get inthe will, and be set for life. The only problem is that they need to make the appearance of getting back on thier feet.

Long story short, after being forced into getting jobs, the Carlton men discover they both enjoy working. The son starts falling for his boss, who isn't rich but does own the company. They also begin caring for Miss Fortune. On Miss Fortune's birthday they have a big party and she collapses. They wait all day and night hoping that she will be fine, not because they want the money but because they hope she will be ok.

In traditional American style there is a cheesy happy ending. It made me feel good, and sometimes you want to watch a movie that just makes you feel good. I think this is a family film, though it might be less exciting for younger kids as the Carlton children are probably in thier 30s. The film does have a moral, and the moral is if you act kind, you will become kind.

Also, for all you WIzard of Oz fans, Marmy is played by Billie Burke who played Glenda the Good Witch. Billie Burke had quite a long film career, so I look forward to seeing more of her movies.

Four really good stars!


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