The Silence

This film confused me. It was like a Iranian version of August Rush, only not really.

The Silence is a film about the blind Korshid who earns money for his family (him and his mother) by tuning instruments. Only, he will hear things and follow them around by following their sounds. For Iranian film (and the restrictions they put on it) its great. So much better than The Cow for me, but maybe I just don't care for Iranian film in general (I will blame the restrictions the government puts on the industry). The director is Mohsen Makhmalbaf, and he is one of the biggest Iranian directors out there. Or perhaps the biggest, I am not so versed in Iranian film.

I do think this is a pretty film, as in how they film things is interesting. They show lots of colorful head scarves and foods, and Korshid's friend/coworker Nadereh has an obsession with cherries and red lips, as all 10 year olds should. The age is a guess.

The movie is driven by music, Korshid hears a symphony in the wind, and Beethoven in the hammering of pots. In that sense, its a fabulous film. Just don't see it expecting the lovely wrapped up packages that American films have, it will leave you confused and perhaps even a bit siappointed.

The film is also in Farsi (Persian) and has subtitles. That isn't really an issue unless you really hate reading subtitles as most of the film is about music and following the music.

Overall I give it 4 stars because the music and visual aspect. If I rated it only on plot and character development it would be lower.

Note: Post started 7/23/08.


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